Is there something in your life you are trying to manifest, but just not getting results?

Regardless of the area of life (be it romance, home, career, money, or health), the NUMBER ONE BARRIER to you seeing your reality change is your small, quiet judgments of yourself and others.

Judging causes your sympathetic nervous system to activate and self-protect, subconsciously closing your heart, and causing a contraction of your energy field.

Spiritual and science-based teachers alike now understand how heart-coherence and a large expanded quantum field contribute to our overall mental, emotional, and energetic wellness, but HOW to calm the nervous system when feeling triggered and falling into old patterns still eludes even those of us who have dedicated ourselves to personal development, mindset work, meditation, and the healing of trauma.



The Expansion MethodTM is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember, powerful transformation tool that will help you reprogram your autonomic nervous system over the next 7 days. 

The best way to learn it is by focusing on one relationship that frustrates or challenges you, but it can also be completed with yourself.


Hear From Actual 7 Day Challenge Participants

When Lisa interviewed them and asked them "How did you use the challenge?"



"Since the challenge I feel more open to behaviors I typically get triggered by. It actually impacted how I respond to a lot of people I encounter in my day to day life. I've realized over time that I attempt to control actions to help ease my anxiety about ways things "should" be done so I know the safer outcome. Our days are flowing alot gentler and easier."


"This challenge helped me break out of the low vibration I was living in. I didn't fully realize how impactful my energy was in my interactions with my husband. I love applying self awareness, gratitude and open heartedness enthusiastically and purposefully. It's instantaneous and satisfying!"


"The judgement about myself in relation to my partner has been really draining both of our energy in a way that we both can feel the tension and we both can feel that there is something wrong. Taking the time to practice the strategies, and ask myself questions with an open heart really helps in understanding myself and our relationship more."



Who are the instructors?

Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag (aka The Sister Coaches) are biological sisters, Master Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Expansion Experts who channeled this method, tested it's validity on their own relationships, beta tested it with clients, and are now offering it to women everywhere to prevent unnecessary future suffering on the planet, and increase joy, peace, and love.

They've been sharing their concepts and lessons free on YouTube and their blog, and have built an entire multidimensional coaching modality on the strategies you will learn. They now train coaches in this modality inside their robust, hybrid Expansion Coach Academy to continue to develop and share the power of a woman's heart world wide.

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