Learn how to reduce anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion inside this week-long, loving container held by The Sister Coaches, Jamie & Lisa. This course includes interactive lessons and somatic practice.


"Thank you for gifting me this course it is very much appreciated, I am looking forward to learning all this beneficial valuable information and applying it in my life, then using what I have learned to help others."
Tracy, South Africa

Is there something in your life you are trying to change, but just not seeing results?

Regardless of the area of life (be it romance, home, career, money, or health), the NUMBER ONE BARRIER to you seeing your reality change is your small, quiet judgments of yourself and others.

Judging causes your sympathetic nervous system to activate and self-protect, subconsciously closing your heart, and causing a contraction of your energy field.

Spiritual and science-based teachers alike now understand how heart coherence and a large expanded quantum field contribute to our overall mental, emotional, and energetic wellness. However, HOW to calm the nervous system when feeling triggered and falling into old patterns still eludes even those of us who have dedicated ourselves to personal development, mindset work, meditation, and the healing of trauma.

In this FREE 7-day online course, we teach you HOW to reset your nervous system, by focusing on one relationship in your life. It is a little know method which melts resistance and resets your emotional baseline. We call it The Expansion MethodTM and you can use it to relate differently to anyone, or anything, you desire.

You will finally be in the drivers seat of your life again, creating the changes you desire with ease, because you understand this simple, yet highly effective six-part system that causes MASSIVE, RAPID TRANSFORMATION of your life.


Your Hosts.

The Sister Coaches

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We are biological sisters who have helped each other and thousands of women through some REALLY tough stuff. What emerged were patterns that block expansion and growth, and we designed a method to help us, and our clients break those patterns FOR GOOD.

This year we shifted focus from working 1:1 with clients who can afford to shell out thousands of dollars for private coaching, to helping women around the globe embody their highest selves and live the lives they came to, regardless of their current financial situation. We do so on our YouTube Channel "The Sister Coaches", our blog, and through our fun, engaging online courses. We also train pairs of women to guide each other like we do, without fees, in an on-demand, single-session blend of coaching and healing we call "Sister Coaching."

Most women suffer silently, so we are on a mission to heal and prevent suffering by sharing this somatic process we created AS OUR GIFT TO YOU. All we ask is that you share it with your 'Sisters' who may be suffering...even the strong ones.






"Thank you for the opportunity to learn about creating change in how we view ourselves and our relationships and for motivating me to do the work I need to do."

"You sisters are a God-send. Thank you for this...the value is priceless!"