When is the last time you invested in the only thing that truly matters?

On their deathbed, women don't wish they had hustled harder in their business, bought more stuff at Sephora, or spent more time on social media. They wish they had prioritized the greatest gift God gave them, their loved ones.

We are offering you a chance at greater depth, harmony, and fulfillment NOW.

Will you take it?

Women have different emotional needs than men,

but are tragically going about getting their needs met in



There is a better way, and it's surprisingly simple to learn, yet not everyone can master it



But we should be! Maybe you didn't have happy parents to model after...

Learn this method and you can be an amazing role model for your children

It's NEVER too late


What types of relationships does this work on?

Relationship Resources Strategies

Even if your relationship is already GOOD

You will learn tools to elevate it to the NEXT LEVEL in just 7 days

Stop wondering if you are doing all you can

With this challenge you will KNOW you are because you feel the change within you, and see the change in the people around you


What types of results are participants having?

"My intention was to allow myself to open my heart and stay patient and present with my daughter. The Challenge made our household feel so much lighter, less tension in the air from me not trying to control outcomes and behaviors. I'm excited to continue practicing this. This is something that is always on my heart and now I get to put it Into action."  ~Kim

"I especially liked the writing prompts. It was SO helpful to sit down and answer those questions in my journal. For me, it was more helpful to actually write it down instead of just thinking about it. I feel like I've made these observations in my head before, but it didn't have the same gravity as writing it down. Some really good "ah-ha!" moments. Breakthrough!"  ~Dana

"Since implementing your method, my dream job fell in my lap, I am making more money than ever before, and my husband finally said "Let's get a cleaning lady!" All of my dreams are coming true. I cannot thank Jamie and Lisa enough for creating this life-changing method.”  ~Sarah

"This challenge helped me break out of the low vibration I was living in. I didn't fully realize how impactful my energy was in my interactions with my husband. I feel much lighter."  ~Annette

"I am so enjoying this course! I do meditation and yoga, but getting centered there can take up to an hour. This works so fast. I definitely plan to incorporate it into my spiritual daily practice and enroll in your Expansion Coach Academy so I can share it with others."  ~Erin

 "I really do see changes with me and my partner’s relationship. There was a moment when he told me that he feels closer to me than ever before. I really am excited to continue using this model everyday."  ~Mika

"I am more successful than when I started and am excited that I can impact that change of attitude and energy in my coworkers. I liked the challenge, and plan to do it again with a few other people."  ~Tonya

"I had such a shift in my energy and noticed such positive change in those around me. This course is amazing and I would recommend it to others."  ~Natasha


Anyone who prioritizes personal ownership in relationships and wants to learn a highly effective formula for transforming old triggers, thought patterns, and emotional responses, to improve day to day interactions and personal joy. It was made for women, but anyone is welcome to participate.


"Since the challenge I feel more open to behaviors I typically get triggered by. It actually impacted how I respond to a lot of people I encounter in my day to day life. I've realized over time that I attempt to control actions to help ease my anxiety about ways things "should" be done so I know the safer outcome. Our days are flowing alot gentler and easier."


"This challenge helped me break out of the low vibration I was living in. I didn't fully realize how impactful my energy was in my interactions with my husband. I love applying self awareness, gratitude and open heartedness enthusiastically and purposefully. It's instantaneous and satisfying!"


"The judgement about myself in relation to my partner has been really draining both of our energy in a way that we both can feel the tension and we both can feel that there is something wrong. Taking the time to practice the strategies, and ask myself questions with an open heart really helps in understanding myself and our relationship more."




Thinking about ending a friendship, leaving a romantic relationship or job, or setting boundaries with a family member? If your relationship does not improve in 7 days, you can request your money back-GUARANTEED


Who are the instructors?

Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag (aka The Sister Coaches) are biological sisters, Master Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Expansion Experts who channeled this method, tested it's validity on their own relationships, beta tested it with clients, and are now offering it to women everywhere to prevent unnecessary future suffering on the planet, and increase joy, peace, and love.

They've been sharing their concepts and lessons free on YouTube and their blog, and have built an entire multidimensional coaching modality on the strategies you will learn. They now train coaches in this modality inside their robust, hybrid Expansion Coach Academy to continue to develop and share the power of a woman's heart world wide.

Can you give it


Which relationship will you improve first?

Once you learn our 6 Strategy Formula, you can repeat it on any relationship you'd like to have more peace, love, joy or harmony in. You cannot UNLEARN IT!



Don't spend months or years wishing "Your Person" would change

Learn this formula, first taking ownership of your role in the story, then watch "Your Person" change before your eyes without you ever saying word to them! Energy may be invisible, but it's 100% felt and reacted to daily, BOTH CONSCIOUSLY AND SUBCONSCIOUSLY, by you and them. 

The good news is only ONE of you needs to change the story to see and feel change in the dynamic. Change the energy, change the relationship.

It ONLY works if you do this privately. Don't tell your person.

Just learn the Formula and share your amazement with our community.