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Expansion Group for Women 

Our Story

After coaching separately for a decade we teamed up in 2019 to offer group & private coaching to women ready to shed their old, outdated beliefs & patterns. Lisa specializes in deep inner work for highly sensitive women, and Jamie specializes in heart-centered manifesting for achievement-driven women, so it's no wonder that our fusion of styles resulted in MASSIVE, RAPID TRANSFORMATION for our private clients.

Women were conquering all types of self-sabotage to change careers, start businesses, save marriages, increase their monthly earnings, deepen spirituality and self-love, find their voices, and follow their hearts. As each other's coaches, we wanted to get the same crazy fast results they were seeing in their clients. As women who had struggled financially, we wondered if there was a way to make our program more accessible to more women, so they didn't have to shell out thousands of dollars each time they want to make a change in their lives or feel stuck. It was pandemic time and we both laid awake at night thinking about the women we spoke to who could not afford to say yes to private coaching. A hard pivot was calling to us to shift how we were using our gifts in the world.

We got to work looking at our client notes, and strategies began to emerge that seemed to work for both types of women, the feelers and the doers. We created a self-coaching model to test in our own personal lives. It was a six-step system that was a more powerful change agent for us than yoga, meditation, or therapy had been. When our lives and the people we lived with began to show exponential positive change, we knew we had to share it. We call it The Expansion Method and tested it for a year with our existing clients. It reprograms the nervous system and positively impacts relationships through a series of six easy-to-remember strategies.

The Expansion Method was so impactful, that we used it to create our own private coaching modality, based on how we had been coaching each other for a decade. We didn't stick to only one of the coaching modalities we knew when guiding each other, but blended them, working in all five dimensions (spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, physical), for lightening fast results. We also realized that being a coach (and understanding what was going on) helped us to get to the heart of our own problems quicker so that transformation could occur in as little as one session. We knew how to surrender. We tweaked our system and began to test it as a three-part coaching modality that was highly somatic in nature and easy for any woman to learn. It is called SisterCoachingTM when pairs of women guide each other to see their blind spots and transform them (without fees) and Expansion Coaching when offered as a paid service. We now teach it all inside our hybrid SisterCoachTM Collective; a training and community in one.

We are disrupting the overpriced private coaching industry by teaching women how to give and receive high-level coaching and healing support as basic life skills. It's the next wave of feminine personal development.

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