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7 Steps to Choose the Best Coach Training Program for You

Jul 01, 2021
how to choose the right coach training program for you

You know you are meant for more...and pretty sure helping others is a big part of it. You’ve thought to yourself, maybe I’d like to be a coach. So you set out on Google. You’re ready to invest in a training program, but immediately feel lost in a sea of choices.

You love the idea of setting your own schedule, being your own boss and making money doing something you are passionate about. But you are completely overwhelmed and don't have a clue where to start.

There are so many questions rolling around in your head:

  • What kind of coach do I want to be?

  • How do I know I'm learning a modality that gets results?

  • Where do I go to feel confident about the business stuff?

  • Why didn’t I start this when I was younger?

Damn that self-sabotage. It’s all so overwhelming! You are not alone. Every new coach has been where you are right now.

I took a $65 life coach certification and learned nothing to help me actually build a successful coaching business. Lisa spent thousands and didn't feel aligned with the niche she chose. Even though we struggled, we had each other's support, and ended up making really great money on the side while continuing our day jobs.

To help you take apart the noise on the internet, here are 7 simple steps to help you find a program that is a perfect fit for you:

1. Drop your energy down from your mind to your heart

Take a few deep breaths in and out through your heart space. Shoot for neutral emotionally. Your thoughts will slow, and as your heart’s natural rhythm and intelligence take over, fear will subside. Now your higher self can speak. Let her guide you toward your next step and trust the inner knowing that occurs when you are heart-centered.

2. Set the intention that your ideal teachers will show up

Your heart is connected to your higher self. When she is activated, your ego (mind) sits quietly in the back seat. Clarity comes from this place. The first step is to ask for your mentors/teachers to be visible, and to know when they are there. Ask for a sign or validation so you know. Look for teachers you feel aligned with, who have the same values as you and who you would like to emulate to start. You will develop your own style as you practice.

“I said a prayer that the right coaching mentor for me would show up in my life. I had no idea I would get two! Jamie and Lisa are so different, yet complimentary, and I see myself in both of them.” Expansion Coach Academy TM Student 

3. Visualize yourself as a coach, and connect with the feeling of already being successful

See yourself handing out business cards. Visualize the thank you texts you get from your clients. Imagine yourself paying off that credit card or student loan. Sense the island breeze as you take a client while on vacation. See yourself as a successful coach who genuinely helps people and enjoys the freedom and flexibility busy family-orientated women need.

4. Look for a program with proven results that is not saturated

The world of coaching is getting very saturated. To make it easy for you to stand out from the crowd on social media, look for a method that is fresh, new, and unique. Jumping on the trend from 5 years ago will likely cause you to get lost in a sea of competition. Look for a program that feels in alignment with where the world is headed, not where it’s been.

5. Look for a program with 1:1 coaching included

You cannot learn how to coach from an online course, videos, or a manual. You MUST BE COACHED PRIVATELY to understand the energy necessary for change. Learning methodology is fine in a group setting (even virtual can work), but make sure there is a live component so that you can have your specific questions answered and your own expansion as a coach can take place during the program. Ask yourself, “Will I be properly supported during this training, so that I can release anything that may stand in the way of my success?”

6. Even coaches need coaches, so look for a community where you’ll get lots of practice time and partners

One of the biggest pitfalls we see new coaches fall into is “Learning without Earning.” 

This looks like taking training after training without ever really doing any coaching. You will WANT to invest in coaching with each new stage you expand into. To save money, (so that you are MAKING MORE THAN YOU SPEND) look for a program that has a community feature. Having coaches all trained in the same methods as you, that you can exchange sessions with, continues your practice time, while also allowing you to get the coaching you need to continue expanding further and further into your purpose. 

7. Look for a program that allows you to use their branding and website, so you can get out there and start coaching fast

When you first start coaching, it’s overwhelming to learn all the business stuff along with practicing your new skills. The number one thing that will help you be a successful coach is your daily energy maintenance. You cannot keep your vibes high while in a stressed out state, obsessing about your brand board and your tagline. Look for a program that helps you with the beginning steps so that you can focus on what you love doing...helping people. Leave branding, funnels, and email marketing to people who know how to do it and can send clients your way. You won’t be able to brand or market effectively until you have a lot of client results under your belt.

My sister and I would not be the successful coaches we are today without having each other to barter with over the last 10 years. I would be so deep in debt, I would not even have a viable business if I had to pay for all that coaching to get me to my next levels of expansion. See, at each new level, we hit resistance. Our hearts close automatically to protect us from the discomfort of change. It’s all happening in your subconscious brain, without your permission.

After coaching hundreds of women, I finally figured out that talking and mindset work was slow and uncomfortable. I began to play with some intuitive guidance I was getting and started working with their hearts instead. Their ability to manifest their dreams grew exponentially!

I call it Expansion, and I define it as “growing beyond former limitations and boundaries.” It’s the most effective, fast way to get results for myself, and my clients, that I have found. 

In my experience, mindset coaching works, but it’s like taking the scenic route from New York to LA in a beat up old station wagon with your wounded child screaming in the back seat, and needing to stop every 2 hours.

You’ll get there, but it will NOT be an enjoyable trip.

By dropping your energy down to your heart and allowing it to open, it’s like taking a private jet nonstop with a mimosa in your hand and your inner child happily watching the clouds roll by dreaming about the next destination.

We can bypass the noise and discomfort.

We can speed up the process, and actually have FUN consciously creating our ideal lives.

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About The Author

Jamie Dooley is an international award-winning coach, healer, and expansion expert, as well as the founder of Expansion Group for Women. She is the co-creator of The Expansion Method ™, and author of Self-Coaching Mastery. She, and her sister Lisa Freitag, have dedicated their lives to building a community of heart-based coaches who will assist them in impacting the growth and expansion of women worldwide on their YouTube channel The Sister Coaches, and their robust hybrid training and community, Expansion Coach Academy.