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Oct 01, 2021
Certified Expansion Coach, Multidimensional Coaching

There are many types of coaching that can help people, but they typically work in one dimension at a time. We are multidimensional beings, so even when we think we can separate out our physical, emotional, and energetic selves, we cannot. When we try, working with a coach can be a slow, sometimes painful, and often expensive process.

  • Mindset coaches work with a person’s conscious and subconscious thoughts.
  • Energy workers work with a person’s emotions and energy.
  • Intuitive healers work with a person’s vibration, faith, and spiritual self.
  • Life coaches help people move forward through goal setting and physical action.

A Certified Expansion Coach™ (CEC) works within all of those levels, in each and every session, for MASSIVE, RAPID CHANGE in all areas of life at the same time.

The Expansion Method™ is more powerful than life, mindset, transformation, or manifestation coaching alone, because at the core of expansion lies the heart. Everyone has one, and it is where your spiritual, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies all connect. It’s your core, or center.

For the past century, and maybe even longer, human beings have allowed their lower energy centers to direct them. Focus has been on surviving, mating, and consuming. We are now moving into a time where more and more people are waking up to the truth that everything we desire already lives within us, and by consciously creating it first in the quantum, we will see it secondarily in the material. 

Marketing agencies want us to believe we need their product or service to make us whole. When we unconsciously consume, we are furthering the vibration that we are in lack. The truth is we lack nothing. We are already whole, and creating our experience with our current degree of understanding and practicing that wholeness or lack thereof.

The lower three energy centers are masculine. When we use external power to survive, mate, and consume, we are in shadow masculine which is on the same vibration as lack. When we tap into the internal power of divine masculine energy, those centers open, balance, and flow up into the heart. 

Hustle culture is shadow masculine. Doing without the balance of being is harming our bodies, relationships, and planet. 

Women are exhausted, and tired of cleaning, organizing and managing all the stuff we’ve purchased over our lifetimes. It didn’t fill our cups then, and it certainly does not now. More stuff is not our answer, yet we spend billions of dollars on it daily. If you found this article, you are likely starting to value greater self-love, flow, and joy that comes with an open heart.

We (the authors of this article) used to struggle as much as any woman, looking for the thing that would make us thinner, younger looking, sexier, or wealthier. The main difference is we now consciously tap into our intuition before we spend. Our desire for things since creating and practicing The Expansion Method™ is drastically reduced, because we already feel whole, loved, and we are.

We want that for you too.

Through coaching each other, and hundreds of women over the past decade, we were able to notice patterns that ran consistently, and identify the strategies needed to reprogram old stories, emotions and conditioning that keeps people stuck in those lower three energy centers.

Emotional triggers run deep, and get stored in the body. When we used traditional coaching methods, our clients were not getting fast results. They were turtle slow, and not always even lasting.

When we began incorporating energy work, and our intuition to typical mindset and coaching sequences, our clients began to have MASSIVE, RAPID, breakthroughs. 

We realized that the heart was the doorway, or veil between their subconscious and conscious brains. The door between who they are, and who they want to be. And the best part is, when the veil is lifted, it is lasting.

The hard part is that the coach guiding the client must have their heart wide open, and their own emotional triggers managed, to model that frequency. Think of your vibration as a beacon. To help people find it, you must emit it. Unfortunately there are thousands of life coaches out there who have not cleaned up their own vibration yet. We know because we used to be them! Through creating our method, we have watched each other harmonize and rise up the emotional scale quickly.

When you work with a Certified Expansion Coach™, you are assured that they have done the work needed to heal their past and raise their vibration to one of non-judgment, and connection to Universal Love. Plus, our method works with any religious or spiritual beliefs you have, not against them.

If this speaks to you, your heart must be longing to connect with you. It’s the gateway to creating a life you LOVE, that continues to flourish and grow, shift and change, with ease. As Rumi so wisely said,

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

We know from firsthand experience how true this sounds, but also impossible at the same time. 

Our coaches are trained to walk you through the six strategies, one at a time, with a week in between for implementation. You cannot learn this with your mind, you must experience the triggers, and make a new choice emotionally and energetically DURING the triggers. Your CEC will guide you through the process that will not only help you solve one problem you are having in your life, like traditional coaching can do, but will help you shift into a higher level of heart opening, and consciousness, that reaches into every corner of your life that lasts.

That is why EXPANSION is more powerful than the other fuses them for the fast results women desire. Spiritual awakening does not have to suck. Don’t get stuck doing shadow work, get stuck’s WAY more fun!

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About the Authors

Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag are biological sisters, Master Coaches & Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and Expansion Experts dedicated to helping women uncover their divine feminine nature across the globe. They are the co-creators of The Expansion Method TM and Expansion Coach Academy TMTheir YouTube Channel "The Sister Coaches" breaks down big topics like spirituality and neuroscience into digestible lessons and actionable strategies viewers can implement right away.