Elizabeth Scutchfield is an entrepreneurially minded, soul-centric, playful spirit who helps women who are ready to release outdated structures, expectations, and ideas, to create more authenticity, balance, and inspiration in their lives.


Services Offered

  • Expansion Coaching
    • Virtual
  • Small Group Facilitation
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    • Retreats


Elizabeth approaches life as a seeker, contemplator, and experiential learner, and believes that the journey to finding our truest selves and unique sense of alignment is a noble and beautiful quest.

Her career has led her to enjoy living at the intersections, of organizations, industries, cities, and cultures. She has served as a career coach, recruiter, program manager, community builder, partnership manager, and product developer, and has become quite adept at manifesting strategic career pivots which have supported her desire for greater flexibility. Her taste for adventure has led her to visit all 50 states and recently fulfill a dream of living and working overseas, through a contract assignment in Rwanda. Her personal development journey has involved finding a variety of new tools and communities to support her in filling in the gaps that came from growing up in an alcoholic household included 12 Step (Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics), therapy, coaching, Non-Violent Communications, and LOTS of personality assessments.

When she discovered Expansion Coaching, she found it was a beautiful mix of her interests in energy work, integration of divine masculine and feminine, and channeling intuition to support women in reconnecting with their sense of vitality. Elizabeth hopes to use this framework and her own personal experiences to support women who are going through transitions (moves, careers, relationships) and/or trying to find more freedom, authenticity, radiance, and balance in their lives.

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