LEVEL 1: Self-Coaching Mastery Online Course

Turn down the anxiety-ridden voice of your inner critic, and turn up the volume on your inner coach!

Develop a deep understanding of how the world actually works so you can:

  1. Balance your divine masculine and feminine energies with the power of your own heart
  2. Reprogram what isn't serving you spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically
  3. See proof of your inner alignment in your outer life 
  4. Have an almost magical heart-centered influence on other people


  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL THE MODULES Instructed by Master Coaches & Intuitive Healers Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag (aka "The Sister Coaches")
  • The Expansion Method 8-week deep dive program, which is a somatic, holistic process of managing your own mental health and wellbeing
  • Resistance assessments to help you find those nasty bind spots that are preventing your expansion
  • A Release Ceremony & Manifesto writing process to help you gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and what you came to do
  • A gorgeous 44-page Journal based on Jamie's STAMP method of Manifesto Writing so you can stay on track with the aligned action your higher self communicates to you
  • Recorded Guided Visualization exercises to help you upgrade your vibration and energy
  • Additional lessons to help you understand the root cause of stuckness, lethargy, shame, and indecision plus cutting-edge somatic tools to help you reprogram unwanted emotions
  • Powerful concepts are broken down into small lessons you can easily consume on your own schedule
  • An app to make listening on the go fun and easy
  • All you need to reprogram old, outdated beliefs, patterns, and triggers so you can build a life you love


  • Jamie's best-selling book "Self-Coaching Mastery" digital download (paper copy available on Amazon)

  • Extended (lifetime) access to our Nervous System Reset & Relationship Reboot 7-Day Challenge so you refocus quickly any time you brush up against resistance in your health, finances, career or relationships

Satisfaction Guaranteed

(plus a portion of your enrollment fee benefits Girls Circle!)


What People Are Saying:

There is so much gold in Level 1 that I am going through it again. Thank you for sharing yourselves so openly with women and making us all feel like we CAN do this and we ARE enough.


WOW! Biggest takeaway is “When YOU heal YOU, you not only heal forward, you heal backwards too” in your family line. This I think is mind blowing! In the past, I thought that self care, is selfish… but now I’m learning that it’s actually the opposite! So excited to be on this journey of healing and learning!! And the thought that once I understand more about this, and start the process of healing myself, I can become someone that helps others heal too! Also, learning that the field of possibilities is just within our reach is so amazing to me! I cannot wait to learn more about this! Thank you for sharing this with us!


Wow! I am SO glad I enrolled in this course. I wanted to make changes in myself, so I made sure to be open to the process. The emotional depth and connection with self-healing has been SO worth it!


$497.00 USD

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