Level 2 | SisterCoach™ Training [SELF-PACED]

Grab a "Sister" and learn how to coach each other as Jamie & Lisa do!

Sister Coaching is a blend of traditional mindset and action coaching, blended with heart-centered somatic healing exercises. It's a simple three-part modality that is easy to learn, guide, and receive, yet incredibly powerful. 

If you don't have a "Sister" we will help you find one (or more) at our live sessions! 

What's included?

  • All lessons instructed by The Sister Coaches, Jamie & Lisa
  • An easy-to-use self-paced online library that you can pause, rewind, and rewatch
  • An app for on-to-go learning
  • Visual and verbal video instruction over slides broken into easy-to-consume lessons
  • A comprehensive digital manual that helps you find what you need fast and is printable
  • Written and recorded Expansion Exercises (guided visualizations) created by Jamie and Lisa that you can use yourself, with clients, and as samples, while you get comfortable leading them
  • Access to our Sister Coach Community for support, further connection with like-hearted women, and the chance to practice with multiple "Sisters" or find your Sister Coach that you exchange with regularly
  • Live Practice Sessions with Jamie & Lisa for Q&A, finding a Sister Coach, guided practice time, and group coaching
  • Special VIP invites to our events, plus discounts and freebies such as a seat at our New Year's Day Manifesto Workshop


Level 1 of Expansion Academy: Self-Coaching Mastery will be granted to those who have not completed it


  • 46 additional online lessons to help you open your heart and gain clarity on your truest desires that align with your highest purpose
  • 47-page Manifesto Writing Journal
  • Digital copy of Jamie's best-selling book Self-Coaching Mastery (available in paperback on Amazon)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

(plus a portion of your enrollment fee benefits Girls Circle!)


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What People Are Saying:

The benefits you will get from learning SisterCoaching™ are immense. It even helped my self-coaching game! There has never been a time that I get off a call and haven't gained a new perspective and shifted energetically...even if I am doing the coaching...I get so much out of it.


I am so grateful I signed up for SisterCoach Training! I'm learning so much and loving it. I still fall into old patterns sometimes but am able to get to neutral pretty fast now because of what I learned in Level 1, and I feel so proud of myself! My sister can't wait for me to finish so I can coach her. I know she will want to learn with me once she feels the power of this form of coaching. I'm really looking forward to all the ways I can use what I am learning to help others and continue expanding myself.


SisterCoach training has been such a positive influence on my life! Jamie and Lisa’s vision, goals, and enthusiasm are infectious! Their program delivered way more than expected and others have even commented on “something seems different with you." I look forward to helping others achieve the same positive transformation. Can’t thank Jamie and Lisa enough for their vision and action!


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