Lisa Freitag & Jamie Freitag-Dooley

We are biological sisters who have helped each other and thousands of women through some REALLY tough stuff. What emerged were patterns that block expansion and growth, and we designed a method to help us, our clients, and our students break those patterns FOR GOOD.

We call our self-coaching model The Expansion Method. It became the foundation of the 1:1 modality we created. The ADOR'EM Model of Expansion Coaching has three distinct sections; heart coherence, quantum healing, and aligned action are fused together in each and every private session for powerful multidimensional transformation.

No previous experience is required. We teach you everything you need to know about coaching and healing, plus provide a loving SisterCoachTM  Collective for connection, practice, and live sessions.

Professional coaches, healers, and lightworkers are welcome! We've both had successful businesses and have worked for companies as coaches. We can't wait to teach you everything we know.

We pinch ourselves that we get to help women in this way. 

Expansion Coach Certificate Program

How many REALLY good practitioners share their Secret Sauce? WE DO!!

Listen to a few testimonials about the powerful blend of coaching & healing we've been using with private clients and each other for years


Expansion Academy

An online resource for women with vision who need help bringing it to life

Lisa and I channeled our best tools for personal and professional expansion into a multi-level online academy and virtual community of Sisterhood unlike anything else out there.


Need help getting crystal clear on who you are, what your unique mission is in this world, and how you can achieve it?

My STAMP Method of Manifesto Writing has helped hundreds of women create and achieve their ideal all starts with a clear vision.