Give Your Vision Wings 

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Do you feel the tug on your heartstrings to start or do something brand new in 2024?

Improve or Leave a Relationship, Start or Grow a Business or Nonprofit, Get Out of Debt, Change Careers, Move or Remodel, Get Healthy, Heal Your Heart

To reach your own next level of expansion, you have to raise your vibration. So many things get in our way. I've learned how to find your blind spots and love them into alignment with a higher vision. The vision you and God agreed upon when you came.

I will support you for the entire year. Imagine what you can do with that level of support.

I've never offered it before because I didn't have the overflow of energy needed. After all I've learned in the past 18 months, I have just enough for a small group of women. I intend to pour into them like never before, while they all use their own overflow to support each other.


For your outer world to change, you must first change your energy & perspective deep within your heart

Jamie Dooley Master Coach Healer Mastermind Coaching

I've got a secret to share with you. I left social media 18 months ago to prepare for this HUGE shift in energy we are going to experience in 2024. The North Node is in Aries, my sun sign. This firey independent, action-orientated, "I'll go first" energy helps women set & achieve crazy large goals. It's my zone of genius.

I've been spending time within, meditating, and walking through my shadows with my own Expansion Coach, and have transformed my inner landscape in so many mystical ways. I attended advanced quantum healing and meditation courses with Joe Dispenza, and have beautifully balanced my masculine and feminine energies to the point that I am once again ready to emerge from my cocoon and help YOU expand spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Unlock Hidden Potential in 2024

Vision Expansion

Stop playing small & connect with your Higher Self to receive the most expanded vision possible for you in 2024

Private Sessions

Experience Expansion Coaching Sessions with award-winning Master Coach & Intuitive Healer Jamie Dooley to peer into blind spots, somatically release stagnant energy & align with a higher frequency each month

Weekly Mastermind Meetings

Receive the energetic & emotional support you need to stay on track taking aligned action each week

Why are others joining?

"Joining SOAR Mastermind 2024 was a no-brainer for me! Working with Jamie over the last few years has helped me live in a higher vibration than I knew existed. The things I have healed and done, plus the people I've been able to help and inspire as a result of my own expansion, are remarkable. I asked her to walk me through my Gene Keys to unlock dormant potential in myself. I do best when I have weekly accountability and I am beyond excited to be part of this supportive community of women!"


"I am finishing up Expansion Coach training and learning from Jamie has already given me a taste of what "the good life" looks and feels like. I have lived most of my life in a scarcity mindset, versus a mindset of abundance in all life has to offer. I know deep in my soul I have dormant unused gifts that can bless the world. My vision is to achieve the financial means to be able to donate to veterans and their families, allowing abundance to come, flow through me, and bless others. I plan to use SOAR Mastermind to help me take consistent action toward starting my Expansion Coach business (if you had asked me that just 9 short months ago, I would've belly-laughed about investing actual money and time in myself), but I'm staying open for surprises too! I am SO excited about 2024!"

My message to you

spiritual woman

Reach for an expanded version of self and life

Let your inner goddess shine

This mastermind is designed to help you uncover subconscious patterns and trauma responses, as well as:

  • Walk through your shadows to the place where your gifts lie
  • Get clear on your heart's longing
  • Unlock dormant potential
  • Take aligned action with ease
  • Give a long-term dream or vision wings
  • Infuse your home, family, and community with love and light
  • Improve your relationships
  • Start or grow a business
  • Develop yourself personally or professionally
  • Experience the support of a community of like-hearted women who hold your vision with you
  • Allow new potentials and opportunities to flow in (surprises!)

"I know this is a big investment for some of you, but I've worked with Jamie since 2018 and ALWAYS get more out of it than what I spend. My income has increased dramatically since learning from her, plus (since I'll be focusing on growing my revenue streams as part of the mastermind), I can write it off.

If I didn't know her work and hadn't taken basically everything she's ever put out I'd be like "I can't afford this" too. But the mindset and confidence shifts that I have each and every time I work with her have been so profound in my life that I couldn't wait to enroll. Ask yourself instead "How I can afford this?" She taught me that and the money always shows up in a fun or surprising way...often more than I spent!

I'm excited to see who else joins us so we can support each other's vision too.

If you're on the fence, just say yes to yourself. You will not regret it!"