Dana Myers is a spiritually-focused life coach and energy worker who helps recovering people-pleasers discover and harness their inner power so they can confidently create the authentic and fulfilling lives they desire.


Services Offered

  • Expansion Coaching
  • Reiki


  • Both are offered Virtually


Dana believes that the journey of awakening and healing is inherently a never ending one, and that growth and expansion is a continuous practice rather than a goal or destination. She also believes that when we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

Through the skills and practices that she continues to learn and cultivate with the support of a licensed professional psychotherapist, her sister coaches, and spiritual mentors, Dana has navigated myriad challenges and obstacles in her life including: childhood neglect, sexual trauma, divorce, changing careers, late-diagnosis ADHD, depression, anxiety, caretaking for a parent, narcissistic abuse, disorganized attachment, and codependency.

Dana channels her experience and intuition into her use of The Expansion Method of coaching and Sekhem Reiki energy healing to support herself as well as her clients in finding balance, raising their vibration, and transforming their lives.

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