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Guided Heart Activation

My free gift to you. Find what may be blocking your next level of personal or professional expansion and lay a solid foundation of meaningful change, physical, mental and emotional healing, and energetic clearing.


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"Nothing is more important than the relationship between YOU and YOU."

Jamie Dooley







Open Your Heart   Get Out of Your Head for Awhile

Nervous System Reset & Relationship Reboot

Start here if you need a quick win for a "choose your price"  investment. Learn the basics of our Quantum Expansion Formula if you are struggling with self-love or a specific relationship.


Quantum Expansion Academy

Start here if you LOVE learning spiritual tools with practical applications and are looking to gain confidence in your coaching/healing abilities, connect with other like-hearted women, and be able to give & receive peer-to-peer guidance & healing.

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1:1 Private Quantum Expansion with Jamie

 Start here if you want to experience working 1:1 with a Master Expansion Coach, Heart Activator & Intuitive Guide for a HUGE Quantum Shift in your life.

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In 2021 I brought my bestie (and sister) Lisa on board. She is also a crazy talented coach, healer & spiritual guide.

Over the past 7 years, we have helped over 1,000 women have breakthroughs and spent well over 10,000 hours on the phone with each other looking at root causes, themes, patterns, and what ultimately causes transformation in women and fused it all into an easy to use formula.

We now share our beautiful method for Quantum Change inside our Expansion Academy. Any woman can learn this modality and guide other women with it. We hold nothing back!


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Quantum Coach


Experience Rapid Transformation for Yourself & Your Practice  

In this Live training, we'll share how we created a groundbreaking modality (by fusing our styles) that has helped us bring massive shifts to our client's lives. This framework will cause HUGE quantum leaps for YOU and your clients.

Are you looking for a modality that will help SUPERCHARGE your coaching results?

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"I cannot believe how much my life has changed!"


"I cannot believe how much my life has changed since finding you ladies and your amazing program! I was in pain, burnt out, and unfulfilled. I knew I felt drawn to a more spiritual style of coaching than the health coaching I had been doing, but didn’t know where to start. Your Expansion Academy has provided all I needed to have my own quantum shift and I’ve already been able to guide others. Thank you for sharing your modality with us!" - Michelle


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Learn to lead with your heart 

Free Guided Heart Activation for Overthinkers

Your heart has innate intelligence, and if you get out of the way, and relax, it will naturally activate and open for you...offering more peace, clarity, and decisiveness about your next steps.