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Open Your Heart, Get Out of Your Head for Awhile

“Whatever techniques you practice, realize that the message of the heart becomes clearer when the mind is quiet. And in order to truly quiet the mind, we need to bring the head into alignment with the heart.”

Doc Childre, HeartMath Institute

You have dormant potential living inside of you.

I excel at guiding you to awaken it.

Hi, I am Jamie, your guide to a higher vibration! My zone of genius is heart activation, and connecting you to your Higher Self, the foundation of the ADOR'EMTM Model of Expansion Coaching.

I've won a few awards for my innovative approach, but please know that innovation comes from pain. I know firsthand how exhausting it can be to figure out why your 3D reality doesn't look or feel the way you thought it would. The more you analyze, the longer you stay stuck repeating the same patterns.

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Your Higher Self is Calling to You 


Mental, physical, energetic, spiritual & emotional health don't just happen. They take "Boss Up" level ownership and conscious effort. Even small triggers can block our connection with our most powerful tool, our heart. 

All of our programs, services and courses are heart-centered to help you re-connect and consciously design a life you love as an embodied version of your Higher Self.


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Meet my sister Lisa!

A gifted Master Coach & Intuitive Healer who collaborated with me to create the ADOR'EM Model of Expansion Coaching, SisterCoaching, and our Nervous System Reset. 

Together we have 17 years of experience and we love sharing our most powerful methods & tools with our clients and students!

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We love helping women reach the next level of expansion, personally and professionally


Nervous System Reset

Experience the power of ADOR'EM over the next 7 days. Uncover what is blocking you, release & reverse it, and improve one relationship (even the one with yourself).



Private Virtual Coaching

There are three main stages people move through when making a change: ClarityConfidence, or Commitment. What do you need help embodying right now?

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We don't hold anything back. Our online programs & virtual meet ups bare it all. We need more quantum healers & certified expansion coaches out there helping women!


Infuse your LIFE (& Your Coaching Sessions) with Quantum Heart-Activated Energy

Lisa & I have coached over 1,000 women, and poured all of our best tools, exercises & coaching techniques into our Expansion Academy!

These courses will help you uncover & transform your biggest blocks so that you can then help other women do the same. All online courses are self-paced and include our proven 6-step framework, ADOR'EMTM



Let's hear from a few happy clients.

"I am so grateful for The Expansion Group! I have grown so much in the last 8 weeks learning from Jamie and Lisa. I am glowing! I am now confidently and actively working to make my dreams come true. This coaching team is priceless. I'm so happy I made the choice to invest in myself!" 


"I cannot believe how much my life has changed since finding you ladies and your amazing program! I was in pain, burnt out, and unfulfilled. I knew I felt drawn to a more spiritual style of coaching than the health coaching I had been doing, but didn’t know where to start. Your Expansion Academy has provided all I needed to have my own quantum shift and I’ve already been able to guide others. Thank you for sharing your modality with us!"


"Since taking the Expansion Coach training, and working regularly with a Sister I met in the community, I have opened my own in-person Myofunctional Therapy office, cut back on my day job, overcome my fear of flying and teaching, manifested a study group full of like-minded women, and so much more! The best part is I'm not just getting through the week, I'm truly enjoying my life, and feel so grounded and happy. This program and my new SisterCoach are what keeps me on track dreaming big and creating my ideal life without fear."


"My vibration is soooo high right now. My first ideal on my Manifesto is about to come true - full time employment with the salary I never thought I could achieve. People have asked me at work how I am so calm and happy despite all the challenges. I am alive, grateful, focused and clear. Thanks for helping me find the blockage in my solar plexus!"

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"I read this book and immediately began to read it again. She has done a wonderful job translating the best of the best guidance out there into motivating, doable action. I have a bachelor's in psychology and have been a student of many different disciplines and theories. Jamie has cleared through the noise and delivered the heart of those in this book."

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