The FASTEST, Most Effective 1:1 Transformation Modality in the World


Instantly EXPAND the results you get with your private clients, the fees you can charge, and the glorious freedom you can have as a Coach, Healer or Lightworker


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Are you a life, mindset, or health coach who would like to learn how to infuse your private sessions with more science-based quantum healing, energy work, and light for BIGGER, FASTER transformations your clients RAVE about?


We Got You. 


Therapists and brand new coaches are welcome too!


Just Imagine


You are a highly sought-after Certified Expansion Coach, working as often as you like, without hustle

Imagine being deeply so rooted in your divine feminine energy, that clients and prosperity flow to you.

The ADOR'EM Model of Expansion Coaching is built to guide the client AND the coach toward quantum shifts in their heart, frequency, and reality. Each and every session is a unique, mystical experience that benefits both the reciever and the facilitator, instantly heightening and harmonizing divine masculine and feminine energies in both.

Spiritual clients understand that rapid transformation is more valuable, and they are willing to pay for it. You will have the space you need for more rest, creativity, and travel, and since you can charge more when results are this rapid, you will also have the money to really enjoy your new life.

Now Open for Enrollment

Quantum Expansion Coach Academy

Learn how to bring your clients deep within their own hearts and consciousness where quantum healing and mystical shifts occur instantaneously.

It's like the Law of Attraction on steroids, and it requires a guide (that's you!)

ONE SESSION is more powerful than years of therapy, meditation, yoga, or mindset work.

Proven Process

Tested with hundreds of female clients over our 15 years of combined coaching & healing experience

Step by Step Instructions

We've simplified the complexities of quantum shifting, heart coherence, and the Law of Resonance into an easy to facilitate three-part system

SisterCoachTM Collective

We know sensitive women have their own healing, release, and quantum shifting to do, so we've built your Expansion into the program!

Lifetime Access

Earn access to ALL modules, and the SisterCoachTM Collective, for LIFE for one low fee

Enroll in Certificate Program Only

What People Are Saying


Lisa Freitag and Jamie Dooley The Sister Coaches


Meet Your Instructors


Jamie Dooley & Lisa Freitag

These Master Expansion Coaches, Intuitive Healers and biological Sisters with over 17 years of professional coaching experience collaborated to save you time, pain, overwhelm and money on your quantum expansion journey.

Lisa runs more feminine and Jamie runs more masculine. They found that balancing both energies is the fastest way to transformation and worked that into this integrated modality that can be used in a group or 1:1 framework.

Students say:

"You guys make this ethereal stuff so practical and easy to apply!"

"I get more out of our practice sessions than years of therapy, yoga, or meditation."

"I can't believe how easy this is and how good I am at it! I've already been helping my friends and family."



Is there Joy missing from your life?

It was missing from ours too. We were both highly empathetic service-based providers who felt drained living in an overly masculine world of hustle. We developed this method and modality at first for ourselves. It was the magic we both needed, so we started using it with our private (and group) clients and now we share our secret sauce with female coaches & healers in our Expansion Academy. 

With it, we've been able to quit careers that did not fulfill us, spend our days doing what we love, feel supported at a deeper level in our relationships, and have space for freedom, relaxation, joy and FUN again.