Guided Heart Activation


Your heart has innate intelligence that falls asleep under stress. If you get out of its way, it will naturally activate and re-open for you.

I invite you to sit back & allow me to guide you like I have done for thousands of other women.

While listening to this meditation you will experience...

What it feels like to have a heart that is fully open

Women walk around most of the day with closed hearts due to stress, trauma, and triggers. This activation wakes up the 40,000 sensory neurites housed in your heart so you can experience the authentic joy of no protection.

Where resistance is living in your body 

And how to get rid of it!

We ALL subconsciously resist re-opening our hearts. You'll learn how to pinpoint exactly where in your body this resistance is living and we will guide you to remove it.

Authentic peace, love,


By practicing this activation daily for 7 days, you will have shifted out of victim mode, and be the conscious creator of your life again, able to feel true freedom & bliss without anything outside of you needing to change.

Are you ready to open & activate your heart FULLY?