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I am a Seeker who Found Nirvana within

After years of disappointment looking outside of myself for answers, the only place left to go was within. There I found my deepest connection to God/The Divine and remembered that I came from pure unconditional love and that I could tap into it any time I desired. 

I started Expansion Group for Women to share my light, and create a community of women who are looking to connect and support each other in new, innovative ways to improve our mental health and personal resilience when faced with challenges, stress, and trauma.

We offer holistic tools to reset your nervous system, balance your masculine & feminine energies and enjoy life as you naturally resonate higher and higher. Many personal development courses and manifestation coaches keep you chasing something outside of yourself for happiness. We help you tap into the deep well of love and peace that lives within you, without a single thing outside of you needing to change. When you arrive at your own personal nirvana, all you want to do is help others get there too...that's peace and freedom Sis!


My Approach

Busy achievement-driven women need to slow down and create space to just be. If you are like me, you're a giver...constantly in output mode which keeps your body in a constant stress response. We become victims of our environment, circumstances, and past programming. When you learn to balance giving with receiving your heart starts to open, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks on and you enter receiving mode; essential for manifesting anything new in your life. 

I offer you a safe space to close your eyes and be guided within to move stagnant energy and feel more love for yourself than you have for years so that expansion can happen effortlessly. You don't have to DO anything but ALLOW the transformation to occur. It is the opposite of how we were taught to live.

In as little as one private session, women move energy up out of the survival chakras, downregulate ancestral gene expressions that are not serving them, see into their ideal future and embody that version of themselves to take aligned action with ease. It is a multidimensional, holistic way of managing mental health that increases feelings of wellbeing without pharmaceuticals or therapy. It works with your faith or religion, or without any specific belief system at all.

I feel so honored to guide women back to wholeness. We collect and love all your parts along the way. We laugh together, we cry together, and we celebrate your wins together.

Jamie & Lisa The Sister Coaches

Lisa and I have been coaching each other, and thousands of women for a decade

As patterns emerged that were keeping women unhappy, low vibe or plain old stuck, so did solutions. We tested them out with each other first, and eventually channeld it all into the framework you will find in our Expansion Academy. We were divinely guided, but you'll be impressed by how educational and practical the curriulum is. It's the perfect balance of mystical and science....which we now understand are the same thing!

Let this be easy Sis. Just join us...you'll see how magical life can actually be.


We have hundreds, but here are a few

"Lisa helps you sort through the clutter and find what is blocking your forward motion. Jamie connects with you through her calming presence. She helps you find your own answers and your own strength to take new action. This dynamic duo lifts the veil!"


"Ladies, I did it! My resignation letter was short and to the point and my manifesto includes the words joy or joyful on every ideal. Reminding me to keep my vibration high has helped me tap into joy again, and I am so grateful to have done your program!"


"Thanks to you my life is everything I dreamed of on our first call. I continue to be in awe and am so grateful for you Jamie."


"During our session, Jamie skillfully utilized my GeneKeys chart to help me gain a deeper understanding of myself. We went into the shadow together. Her gentle guidance allowed me to gain clarity and shift my perspective. Jamie’s understanding of how to unlock the shadow to work with the light has given me the shift I needed to take my next step."


Expansion Group Programs & Services

Private Sessions with Jamie

Heart Activation

Expansion Coaching

Guided Group or Private Meditation

Intuitive Business Development


Online Courses by Jamie & Lisa

7-Day Nervous System Reset

12-Week ADOR'EM Deep Dive

Level 1 Self-Coaching Mastery

Level 2 Expansion Coach Training + SisterCoach Collective

Level 3 Expansion Coaching Professionally



SisterCoachTM Collective


A loving container for our Level 2 students to practice & support each other as they learn, then barter sessions for life. 

Share your light! 


"The online modules gave me the foundational knowledge I needed to gain confidence as a coach, and I find myself going back to them again and again because they are that good. Plus, because of our private sessions, I'm not just stressed and busy, but productive and grounded. Your programs and coaching are priceless."

Megan - Private Client, SisterCoach & Certified Expansion Coach