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Jamie & Lisa

Jamie got her start coaching registered dental hygienists to think beyond traditional clinical practice like she had done. She was a good life and career coach, but when she started adding in her intuitive guided meditations and visions, her clients had much bigger, faster breakthroughs. So she started this organization and began to serve not just dental professionals, but any woman dealing with imposter syndrome or self-worth who was lacking clarity on her spiritual purpose and next steps.

Lisa started as a health coach who noticed emotional patterns in her clients that were blocking meaningful change. She took additional training and was able to help highly sensitive women like her shed deeply stored trauma, big and small. She taught Jamie her unique approach, then as Jamie had success, she shared her tools with Lisa. Over the past 7 years, Jamie & Lisa have guided over 1,000 clients and spent well over 10,000 hours on the phone with each other looking at root causes, themes, patterns, and what ultimately causes transformation in women.

"The Sister Coaches" zone of genius lives in translating complex spiritual truths into simple, daily applications so that even the most practical woman can benefit immediately. They continue to learn from other teachers and find a mystical commonality that validates their Formula for Quantum Expansion-ADOR'EM, as being at the center of science and spirituality, yet remains the cause of the most MASSIVE, RAPID transformation in women that they have ever seen. 


Allow. Detach. Observe. Reverse. Expand. Model.



Our Manifesto

We believe that women are meant to be nurtured, lifted, and supported the way a mother holds her newborn child, or a twin sees herself in her sister and prays for her to thrive.

  • That we are the ones we have been waiting for 
  • That it is not just ok to go first in all we do, but that we MUST go first 
  • We must be, provide, and offer what we desire to rise to the frequency of it 
  • And that we can only love another to the extent that we love ourselves 

We believe that we create our own realities with our thoughts and vibration. 

  • That when we point the finger there are three pointing back 
  • That judgement is a cancer, but cancer can be a gift 
  • We can learn to appreciate pain as an increased appreciation of pleasure 
  • And that acceptance of others imperfections can lead to greater acceptance of our own 


We believe in love as the highest form of energy, directly from God’s heart to ours.

  • That when we plug in daily to Universal Love we win 
  • That when we detach from drama, chaos, and old programming, we grow 
  • We must surround ourselves with women a few steps ahead, and a few steps behind 
  • And learn from all of them, while leading them from our authentic truth 

We believe that each of us has divine masculine and divine feminine energy within.

  • That needs only allowing to emerge 
  • That balance when we are aware enough to know which is natural and which needs to be nurtured
  • We see shadow masculine and feminine in others, only when they still exist within ourselves
  • And that is a gift, showing us where resistance to expansion lives 

We believe that coaching and healing are not meant to be separated, but conjoined as a life skill anyone can learn and everyone should have access to.

  • That when we see a hole in our education system, we are responsible for patching it 
  • That for each woman we help out of suffering, she will in turn help 100 more 
  • We cannot unlearn experience 
  • And the somatic experience of Expansion Coaching must be shared with as many women as possible 

We believe in the heart as our greatest tool and untapped resource. 

  • That healing it will result in healing dis-ease in ourselves and on our planet 
  • That we are all responsible for preventing our own future suffering 
  • We must take ownership of the pain we cause ourselves daily 
  • And learn how to reprogram our hearts so that we do not spread that suffering to others

We believe you are meant to be here 

  • That you would not have heard the whisper from our hearts to yours 
  • That you would not have found this manifesto or read this far 

If you were not one of us...


Welcome Home 


We will send you our powerful Heart Activation & Expansion Masterclasses as gifts