Nervous System Reset

Learn how to reduce anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion inside this week-long, loving container held by The Sister Coaches, Jamie & Lisa. This course includes writing prompts, interactive lessons and somatic practice to reprogram your heart fast.


"Thank you for this course! It is very much appreciated and I am looking forward to learning all this beneficial valuable information and applying it in my life, then using what I have learned to help others."

Tracy, South Africa

Is there something in your life you are trying to manifest, but just not seeing results?


Regardless of the area of life (be it romance, home, career, money, or health), the NUMBER ONE BARRIER to you seeing your reality change is your small, quiet judgments of yourself and others. Judging causes your sympathetic nervous system to activate and self-protect, subconsciously closing your heart, and causing a contraction of your energy field. Spiritual and science-based teachers alike now understand how heart coherence and a large expanded quantum field contribute to our overall mental, emotional, and energetic wellness.

However, HOW to calm the nervous system when feeling triggered and falling into old patterns still eludes even those of us who have dedicated ourselves to personal development, mindset work, meditation, and the healing of trauma. In this powerful course, we teach you HOW to reset your nervous system in only 7 days. It is a little know method that melts resistance and resets your emotional baseline.

We call it The Expansion Method and you can use it to relate differently to anyone, or anything, you desire. Woman across the globe have already been able to make lasting changes with this model because they understand this simple, yet highly effective six-part system that causes MASSIVE, RAPID TRANSFORMATION.

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We are biological sisters who have helped each other and thousands of women through some REALLY tough stuff. What emerged were patterns that block expansion and growth, and we designed a method to help us, our clients, and our students break those patterns FOR GOOD.

We call our self-coaching model The Quantum Expansion Method. The beauty is in how easy it is to remember when faced with stress, trauma or anxiety, to catch and release old stories and programs.

Most women suffer with their mental, emotional and spiritual health silently, so we are on a mission to help women reset their baseline for ease and joy by sharing this magical somatic process. Grab a "Sister" and enter this loving container of transformation together! 

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