Lisa Freitag is an artist, writer, and developer who added coaching to her toolkit in 2010 as a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After owning a brick and mortar style wellness business and noticing underlying patterns and themes in her clients, she took additional trainings, including Core Transformation in 2020, and blended all she was learning to coach highly sensitive and artistic women toward greater self-love and wholeness. 

In 2021 she joined her sister Jamie Dooley at Expansion Group for Women as a head coach. She brought her highly feminine style of coaching and gift for pattern recognition and acronyms to the table. Together they fused their coaching and intuitive healing modalities together to create The Expansion Method TM.

In 2022 she and Jamie created their long dreamt of and awaited Sister Coaching TM Program and placed it inside their Expansion Academy TM to share their powerful, on-demand, single-session, blend of coaching and healing with pairs of women who want to learn how to coach each other through resistance to change as they do. If they would have had to pay each other for the high-level coaching they've received over the years they would be tens of thousands of dollars in debt. They know what it's like to be struggling single moms, so they have made coaching accessible, flexible, and affordable with their innovative, award-winning programs.

They also began their YouTube channel, The Sister Coaches, which focuses on helping women become aware of underlying patterns that are keeping them stuck, and preventing them from reaching their full potential, purpose, and joy in life.

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