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Lisa Freitag is an artist, writer, and developer who added coaching to her toolkit in 2010 as a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After owning a brick-and-mortar style wellness business and noticing underlying patterns and themes in her clients, she took additional training, including Core Transformation in 2020, and blended all she was learning to coach highly sensitive and artistic women toward greater self-love and wholeness. 

In 2021 she joined her sister Jamie Dooley at Expansion Group for Women as a head coach. She brought her highly feminine style of coaching and gift for pattern recognition and acronyms to the table. Together they fused their coaching and intuitive healing modalities together to create The Expansion Method.

In 2022 she and Jamie set out to disrupt the over-priced private coaching industry. They created their long dreamt of SisterCoach Collective. It is a hybrid training and community that teaches regular women how to support each other with extraordinary private coaching & healing techniques. It is a magical Wonderland they dreamt of sharing for decades.

Connect with Lisa:  [email protected] 

What do ease, joy, momentum, and alignment feel like? Work with Jamie and I and find out!

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