Jamie Dooley is an international award-winning Master Coach, Intuitive Healer, and Expansion Expert. Jamie expanded beyond her first career as a healthcare provider to follow her heart's whisper toward private coaching and program development at a deeper level. She founded the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists and Jamie Dooley Coaching in 2018 to help (mostly) dental hygienists uncover and transform imposter syndrome and indecision to create lives and careers that were heart-centered and aligned.

She penned Self-Coaching Mastery in 2019, which has been praised by readers. In 2020 she founded Expansion Group for Women and was named one of the Brainz Top 500 Global influencers to watch for. In 2021 she brought her sister Lisa Freitag on board to fuse their coaching and intuitive healing modalities together to create The Expansion Method TM and was presented a CREA Award for her "creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and her contribution to sustainability in mental health projects."

In 2022 she and Lisa set out to disrupt the over-priced private coaching industry. They created their long dreamt of SisterCoach Collective. It is a hybrid training and community that teaches regular women extraordinary private coaching & healing techniques so they can guide each other through resistance and challenge without fees for life.

Connect with Jamie by emailing [email protected]

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