Tamara is a lifelong learner, challenge overcomer, and empathic spirit, who loves a good side hustle. She works with women who want to move beyond patterns of perfectionism, people pleasing, limiting beliefs, in order to find their voice and honor their true heart's desires.

Tonya Mata Certified Expansion Coach


Tamara approaches life as a warm hearted, deeply empathic soul who believes finding purpose in life is a continuous journey of personal alignment, insight and self compassion. She also believes we attract others with our same energy and we can own and be the energy of what we want to receive.

Her career includes tapping into strengths of determination, organization, and intuition to serve clients as a Myofunctional Therapist & Dental Hygienist. Outside of work she enjoys hobbies that feed her soul including caring for animals, paddle boarding, and decorating. She has gained her own life wisdom through becoming a business owner, freeing herself from a difficult relationships, and facing her own generalized anxiety disorder. 

When she discovered Expansion Coaching, she felt it was her calling to help others who walk similar paths in life. Tamara looks forward to drawing upon her own experiences finding her own sense of personal power, in conjunction with the Expansion Method, to support women who want to start businesses, recover from relationship trauma, and find their distinct voice. 


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