Become A Quantum Coach

Guided Heart Activation


Your heart has innate intelligence, and if you get out of its way (that means to relax without trying to "do" anything) it will naturally activate and open for you.

I am an expert at it and would love to guide you.

After listening to this meditation you will learn...

Is your heart closed?

You will learn how closed is your heart and how much trauma is subconsciously being held in your body. One directly correlates with the other.

Where in the body your resistance lives

And how to get rid of it!

Are you resisting re-opening your heart? You'll also learn how to pinpoint exactly where in your body this resistance is living and how to remove it.

How to experience more peace, love, and joy

Finally, you'll practice reopening your heart and raising your baseline levels of heart coherence to experience more peace, love, joy, and freedom without changing anything outside of you.

Are you ready to re-open your heart?