Dana Myers Certified Expansion Coach

Dana Myers | Certified Expansion Coach

Virtual Sessions | Also certified in Reiki offering distance sessions

Dana Myers is a spiritually-focused life coach and energy worker who helps recovering people-pleasers discover and harness their inner power so they can confidently create the authentic and fulfilling lives they desire...

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Elizabeth Scutchfield Certified Expansion Coach

Elizabeth Scutchfield | Certified Expansion Coach

Vision Activation

Elizabeth is a conscious explorer, global citizen, and vision activator who is here to support people in building conscious, inspired, generative lives, businesses, and organizations.

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Tamara Thomas Certified Expansion Coach

Tamara Thomas | Certified Expansion Coach

Virtual Sessions 

Tamara is a lifelong learner, challenge overcomer, and empathic spirit, who loves a good side hustle. She works with women who want to move beyond patterns of perfectionism, people pleasing, limiting beliefs, in order to find their voice and honor their true heart's desires...

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Tonya Mata Certified Expansion Coach

Tonya Mata | Certified Expansion Coach

Virtual & In Person Sessions around Grand Rapids, MI

Tonya believes everyone has more strength and courage than they can imagine, and that with a guide in their corner, they can activate that power to reach their highest highs and navigate challenging lows with greater levels of ease and grace...

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