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What is SisterCoaching™ ?

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SisterCoaching™ was developed by biological sisters, Jamie Dooley and Lisa Freitag, aka The Sister Coaches. As master coaches trained in multiple modalities, they found results to be slow and lacking staying power when they stuck to just one style of coaching. When they began to inject energy work and quantum healing into their sessions with each other, and their clients, powerful, rapid, lasting transformation occurred. Clients were taking aligned action with ease, and enjoying their lives again.


So, this dynamic sister team rolled up their sleeves and put their fusion of methods into a self-coaching model they call The Expansion Method (acronym ADOR’EM) and a 1:1 modality they call “SisterCoaching.”Over and over receivers of the modality say it’s the most powerful shift they’ve experienced and can’t believe how fast it occurs.


Instead of continuing to offer it only as a private service for thousands of dollars, they again rolled up their sleeves and got creative. They decided to train regular women with no coaching or healing experience in their methods, and they built a community around the training so that their SisterCoaches can have access to these high-level private transformation sessions without fees for life. Some women come in as pairs or groups to learn together and have this powerful option, some come in solo and find one or more women to exchange sessions with regularly. 

It’s a brand new way for women to support each other in 2023. Come join the next wave of personal development for women!

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photo credit Annette Summersett