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woman writing her own manifesto

Why Every Woman on the Planet Should Have Her Own Personal Manifesto

how to manifest faster how to track your own growth law of attraction law of resonance manifestation through writing written goal setting Sep 08, 2020

Did you know that by age 35 we are basically a set of subconscious programs and habits? It’s true! Neuroscience has paved the way for us to finally understand why change is difficult. And for women, it is much more challenging than for men. Why? We have so many more small, unspoken, expectations put on us than men.

If we aren’t super conscious and mindful, we are likely to look back at age 65 and wonder where the time went. says

It's the white noise that is constantly playing in the background, even when you try to relax and get some rest:

  • I need to help my son finish his school project.
  • I need to do the laundry this weekend.
  • I need to pick up milk from the grocery store.

And this is often ON TOP OF working outside of the home. We have careers too, so why do we need to ask the people we live with to help us? Why are we the unpaid project managers of the home?

No wonder we don’t have time to figure out what we really want at a heart level.

So what’s the cure?

I know of only one...a personal, hand-written, heart-centered, manifesto.

The results I’ve seen from women who create theirs over the years is nothing less than extraordinary.

Neuroscience and quantum physics experts stress written goals as part of manifesting. Handwriting has been proven to program our subconscious minds to remember and validate what we write, more so than typing. When we hand write something we want to be true in the future, we program our minds to help us find proof for its existence. We are wiring a new program that will become our future reality.

With penmanship and cursive taking a back seat to the keyboard in the 21st century, our dreams are literally dying with them. And we don’t spend much time prioritizing our dreams as it is!

Here is how to get started:

1. Define your core values

Mine are connection, innovation, and peace. Yours will likely be things that you really enjoy, or are always in pursuit of, but rarely feel. There is no right or wrong, and some are not better than others. They are what drive you and point you in the direction of your purpose. They are your “why.” 

2. Understand the difference between a goal and an outcome

The type of manifesto writing I teach is about your “ideal situation or outcome,” not a goal. Goals are the action steps you take to get there. Action isn’t always physical though. Some of my clients excel at working out and checking off their to-do lists but struggle to meditate, practice self-love, or file that LLC they’ve been talking about. Action leads you to the outcome you desire. In order to have what you’ve never had, you need to do what you’ve never done. Here is an example:

Ideal Outcome=Start coaching business working from home

Goals=File LLC, define branding, create a website and social media pages

If this woman focuses on the outcome as her goal, she will not take the necessary action to get it, fulfilling her self-sabotage story of “things don’t work out for me.” I wanted to start my own business working from home “but didn’t know where to start.” It doesn’t matter where she starts, just that she defines what actions she CAN take, and she takes them.

3. How is not your job

Regardless of your faith, we can all agree that there is a universal energy source that causes this world to turn, trees to shed and regrow their leaves, and animals to find the nourishment they need without working a job they hate. 

Write what you want as if you already have it, in enough detail that you will know when it occurs, but vague enough to give God and The Universe space to work and surprise you.

Before you get started

In order to be high-vibe enough to use the Law of Resonance to live your ideal life, you have to let go of the past. After 2 divorces, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and a 30-pound weight gain, I decided one night to let it all go. I felt I needed a ceremony to commemorate and signify the new beginning, where I was getting out of the driver's seat and allowing God to take the wheel. So I created a process that our Certified Expansion Coaches TM are trained in called the STAMP method of manifesto writing which includes a "Release IT" ceremony.

If you'd like guidance on writing your own personal manifesto, and how to use it to manifest what you desire faster than you can alone, click HERE to work with one of the coaches I've trained.

If you want to learn mine and Lisa's powerful 3-part modality that blends high-level coaching & healing techniques, but boils them down to a formula that's super easy to learn, check out our SisterCoach CollectiveIt includes my manifesto process as a bonus! We believe ALL women should have access to these tools as basic life skills. It's the next big wave of personal development!

Hi! I'm Jamie Dooley. I'm a multi-passionate creator and thought leader in two realms that are important to me; oral health integration, and coaching & healing for women. I vulnerably share my own imperfect journey within, to inspire women to begin theirs. I meet you where you are, without judgment, and help you open your heart again. My sister Lisa and I have created The Expansion Method (ADOR'EM) and SisterCoachingTM to help you embody the next higher version of yourself, and your life, with ease and joy. Connect with me personally [email protected] and we can chat about what you need to begin your journey, or join us above.