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SisterCoach Training, New ways for women to help each other

A Brand New Way for Women to Support Each Other in 2023

affordable alternatives to expensive life coach schools alternatives to expensive coaching programs women supporting women women's community women's empowerment Oct 26, 2022

It’s the end of the year. That time of year when we look back at what we THOUGHT we would accomplish, feel, do, or become, and wonder where the time went?

Maybe you enrolled in an online course or challenge, but never completed it…

Maybe you spent hours researching different coaches, healers, or training programs, but couldn’t choose one…

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do, but can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars for it…

We know how draining those things can be....we've SO been there.

The Cure for Self-Sabotage

The procrastination, indecision, or stuckness you are feeling will not go away on it's own. They are emotional programs, chemical addictions, and/or self-protection mechanisms that have a positive intention for you, but got stuck on auto-pilot, and now you can't seem to shift out of them. They aren't you though. They are just parts of you, that want you to believe they ARE you. The ego is so sneaky that way.

The good news is, 1:1 private coaching & healing have shown to be the most effective form of lasting transformation, causing women to tap into internal joy, abundance, and self-love quickly, and taking aligned action with ease as a result. It’s why the industry is growing at such an astounding rate. A woman gets results, and all she wants to do is help other women feel the same level of freedom from anxiety, indecision, and people-pleasing. 

Research shows that we cannot change the subconscious mind with our conscious mind. That’s why the use of a private guide is so much faster and more effective than personal development.

The Problems with the Female Coaching Industry

Unfortunately, the patterns we worked on with our private coach re-emerge in sneaky ways when our energy is low, and we need the use of a trusted guide again. When you use a Coach or Healer who offers their services as a business, you can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars to consistently deal with what comes up and reprogram it. Business owners need to make a profit. They are not giving out FREE LIFE COACHING FOR WOMEN (bummer, right?), and most of them are raising their fees as they become better practitioners. We sure did.

See, we are meant to be consistently and continuously expanding throughout our lifetimes. For centuries, women helped each other without expecting payment. We were all “Sisters,” and when someone was in need in our tribe we just assisted. 

Because women have spent the last century trying on the masculine energy of entrepreneurship, hustle, and competition, we’ve lost sight of our feminine sides. We do not want the same things as men at our cores; we crave connection, collaboration, and community. To feel the sense of peace, joy, freedom, and abundance we are chasing, we must look within, and balance our masculine and feminine energies...then help other women do the same. 

On top of that, the online Coach / Healer fields are so saturated that it is difficult to know whose intention is pure. Who is shooting to make 7 figures this year, and who can actually get you results? Some of the best salespeople are not the best coaches. Many of the best coaches & healers are not great salespeople.

We really feel for women who need to make a change but feel limited by:

  1. The vastness of choice (1st world problem, right?)

  2. High fees (as much as $10,000 for just 2-12 months of coaching)

  3. Speed of need (who wants to wait months to feel better?)

A Revolution in the Female Coaching Industry

We are Master Coaches & Intuitive Healers, but we are also full biological sisters. So, over the past 2 years, we've been building the coaching and healing we provide for each other into a 3-part modality that's easy to learn, but still incredibly powerful. During the Discovery phase we found that women with little or no previous training, who still felt they had issues to work on, were able to get their partners big results in their very first practice session. Then they switched and the results were the same. We call it SisterCoaching™ and for the 1st time in 2022 are teaching it LIVE to pairs or groups of women, so you can have a trusted guide for life that you never have to pay!

An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Coaching, Healing & Therapy

Really, take a moment to imagine your best friend, favorite co-worker, sister, daughter, cousin or neighbor is a skilled, trusted private guide who is tapped into her heart and intuition and able to guide you through nearly any life problem to rise up out of it where only solutions, joy, and aligned action live...'s F'ing amazing because we've been doing this for each other for 10 years now!!!

No more venting, complaining, or withdrawing from your “Sisters.” Now you will have the skill set to genuinely help them in ways that will completely revolutionize the Female Coaching Industry!

We teach high-level coaching & healing techniques as basic life skills any woman CAN and SHOULD have in her toolbox. It's the next wave of personal development.

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About the Author

Jamie Dooley is an award-winning international Master Coach, Heart Activator, Spiritual Teacher, and Program Developer. She is the founder of Expansion Group for Women and the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists, and is the author of Self-Coaching Mastery: Win the War Within. Jamie has been a trusted private coach and guide for the past decade and now enjoys teaching the powerful modality she created with her sister, Lisa, the "ADOR'EM Model of Expansion Coaching," inside their Expansion Coach Academy & SisterCoach Collective. She reminds us all that if we are brave enough to be still and drop into our hearts, all of our answers are there, and as we heal ourselves, it is our duty to share what we learn with others.