Immobilized and Still Sinking Into It

Dec 27, 2022
Woman thinking, relaxing, contemplating

I thought about this piece for months prior to writing it. I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was real, or if my ego was playing tricks on me…so I sat with it. Ha Ha! Oh, the irony.


Ego shape shifts to do such tricky things. I was feeling like, even though I wanted to, I could not get my body to move the way it used to. I lost my desire to work out, keep my house pristine, or invite friends to get together like I used to. I became a hermit who barely left her house, and barely had the energy to let the dog out.


I felt completely immobilized, which is brand new for me. I am normally the doer of all the things. I am normally the one saying "Let's do this or book that."


I looked outside of me for reasons why and then realized my stillness really originated with the COVID Pandemic.


While I could go on and on about why I think the pandemic has immobilized us, I’d rather ask an important question:


”What did the human race need so badly that the pandemic had to force?"

The answer came to me so clearly. We have spent the last 100 years over-developing our masculine energy, and using our mental capacity as our primary decision maker. It's caused burn-out, depression, and lack of fulfillment, especially in women. We are now being called to get in touch with our heart-centered feminine energy to balance and harmonize the world. It's the energy of stillness, compassion, and being, and for many of us it feels extremely uncomfortable.


The human race has become so overly mental and achievement driven that we needed a big fat feminine slowdown


And while some people got sucked back to the hustle culture they came from, some of us CANNOT go back.


We are immobilized. And we like the space it’s creating as we breathe into it.


We are like troops waiting for our orders. We know a shift is needed, and that we will be called in to assist, but the call has not happened yet.


So we wait. And breathe. And expand our fields a bit more


…waiting for the others who are also waking up to somehow feel our energy and connect with our light; like a beacon.


If you can relate you likely know you will never quite go back to life as you knew it, because you saw and felt too much during your time within.


We realized how much of our day was spent doing things that didn't really matter, weren't really noticed, and most certainly did not feel aligned with who we are and why we came here to have this human experience in the first place.


We saw through the media facade and have no desire to go back to the way we were. We know for certain now that:

  1. Materialism will never bring us happiness so we stop buying stuff.
  2. True beauty cannot be bought or botoxed in so we stop falling for insane marketing messages that we are not beautiful in our natural state.
  3. Relationships are what make life rich, and the main reason we came here, so we must do the work needed to let go of the past and reopen our hearts.
  4. We must be patient while others wake up from their disconnected, Zombie-like, distracted states.


So we throw the "to-do" list aside, put our feet up, and enjoy BEING here, in open-hearted, non-judgemental states of love...calling to our Sisters around the globe that are waking up and calling bullshit on the old hustle paradigm too. As we unplug from our former media outlets, new opportunities and connections start to arise. Deeply intimate ones, because we finally learned how to be deeply present with ourselves.


If you struggle with stillness and the art of being, let's chat. My sister and I have created a beautiful collective of women all learning to balance their masculine & feminine energies with wide-open hearts while supporting each other in ways most only dream of. However you are built, the opposite is what will bring you that elusive thing you seek. We pair you up and teach you how to get to this beautiful state of allowing life to be all it can be for you. Open your heart and let go.

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Hi! I'm Jamie Dooley. I'm a multi-passionate creator and thought leader in two realms that are important to me; oral health integration, and coaching & healing for women. I vulnerably share my own imperfect journey within, to inspire women to begin theirs. I meet you where you are, without judgment, and help you open your heart again. My sister Lisa and I have created The Expansion Method (ADOR'EM) and SisterCoachingTM to help you embody the next higher version of yourself, and your life, with ease and joy. Connect with me personally [email protected] and we can chat about what you need to begin your journey, or join us above. 



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