What is Expansion Coaching?

Dec 31, 2021
What is Expansion Coaching? Expansion Coach Academy

Expansion CoachingTM moves a client through the change process multi-dimensionally. It typically combines outcome based, traditional coaching such as goal setting and mindset work, with process based emotional and energy work. It's a heart-centered blend of more masculine based life coaching with the more feminine based healing arts.

At Expansion Group for Women, we define Expansion as:

"Moving beyond former limitations at the heart, mind, quantum, and material levels, all at once."

Our version of Expansion Coaching is based on the six strategies of The Expansion Method TM  & ADOR'EMTM created by The Sister CoachesJamie Dooley, and Lisa Freitag. They are master coaches, intuitive healers, spiritual teachers, and biological sisters. They have successfully coached for a combined 15 years and have taken the complex principles of neuroscience, heart science, quantum physics, and the law of resonance, and put them into a simple somatic framework that even new coaches, healers, and lightworkers can have immediate success with. It releases old emotions and energy subconsciously stored in the body, which traditional therapy and healthcare models often do not address:

"We know that there is another response to threat, which our scans aren't yet capable of measuring. Some people simply go into denial; Their bodies register the threat, but their conscious minds go on as if nothing has happened. However, even though the mind may learn to ignore the messages from the emotional brain, the alarm signals don't stop. The emotional brain keeps working, and stress hormones keep sending signals to the muscles to tense for action or immobilize in collapse. The physical effects on the organs go on unabated until they demand notice when they are expressed as illness. Medications, drugs, and alcohol can temporally dull the obliterate unbearable sensation and feelings, but the body continues to keep the score."

Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD

The Body Keeps the Score | Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Expansion Coach Academy TM is the only program which trains coaches in this multidimensional modality, and the only program that can award the title Certified Expansion CoachTM .

Most coaching modalities work within one dimension. Human beings are multidimensional, so it makes sense to work with a coach who understands that and works within multiple dimensions. A Certified Expansion CoachTM is trained to hold space for their clients to return to their natural state of being (open hearted and plugged into Universal Love & the Quantum Field), so that release and change can occur at all five levels in each and every session:

  • Spiritual
  • Energetic
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical

Instead of taking multiple certifications, and spending years trying to figure out the most effective parts of each style of coaching to fuse or combine them into a unique program, The Sister Coaches want to save their students precious time. They know how difficult it can be to create something unique that stands out, and instead of keeping their powerful three-part system to themselves, they are offering it to those who want a shortcut to BIG success right away.

Their formula is proven, repeatable, and has already been successful for hundreds of their private 1:1 clients.

They've placed it inside a three level Expansion Coach Academy TM where you will be guided through your own transformation first, to ensure there is no resistance to success or old patterning that will hold you back. You will have access to Expansion Coaching TM  from students a level or two ahead of you so you have direct knowledge and experience of what it's like to be coached with this modality, before and while learning the three part formula of Expansion Coaching TM.

Students also have access to business development and coaching both in an online format, and live weekly, to help them get their coaching business up and running right away, earning income faster than they possibly can on their own. A Quickstart Package for use of their forms, branding, and built in lead generation system, round out the "We thought of everything" Academy these sisters have put together.

Jamie and Lisa would not be where they are without the on-demand, single session style of Expansion Coaching they've offered each other without fees for the past decade, so they've also built that into the program. Students rave about the Sister Coach Community!

"Thanks so much for the support and encouragement along the way Sisters. I look forward to seeing the impact we all make, as we bring open-hearts to our interactions with clients, and beyond."

Elizabeth-ECA Student

"There is never a time when I'm coaching or being coached that I don't come away with a new perspective that encourages my own expansion at a new level."

Dana- ECA Student

Expansion Coaching works so much faster than other single dimension modalities, and it is proven to get clients MASSIVE, RAPID transformation in as little as 6-8 weeks.

To learn more about working with a Certified Expansion Coach TM click HERE